Mario Kart English Race 🏎️ (Boardgame)

Great for reviewing a wide range of things (unit(s), Let's Talk, Enjoy Communication, a specific grammar point, etc.) in a Mario-Kart board game style.

- Just realised that the fonts aren't showing despite embedding it into the PPT, here's the link to download them:
#1 Minecraft Ten:
#2: Porky's:
- Fixed some awkward slide transitions
- Fixed some more slide transitions to make it run smoothly
All fonts are now embedded in PPT file.

Link to download PPT (over 40mb):
Includes link to download Let's talk 2 (1年) and Small Talk 1 (1年)

  • Desk arrangement is needed to form groups
  • Preparation time is required to make board game questions and worksheet (worksheet questions is optional)

Required Materials
--> Printed Boardgame (A3 Size) (if possible, laminate them)
--> [OPTIONAL] Pen caps (from Seria or Daiso) See last slide in PPT for more info
--> Dice (1 per group or use 2 to speed up the game)

For detailed notes on how to play this game, it's all included in the notes section (PPT file).

- Make groups (If possible 3 or 4 in each group that way the game can progress faster. If that’s not possible the standard 5 or 6 members in a group is perfectly fine.)
- Have students decide the order in their team (give them about 30 secs).
- If they finish a lap, they can keep going.
- Last 5-10 mins, tell the class that coins are now worth double the amount! Also give them an extra dice to roll.
- [OPTIONAL] Announce the winner (the ones who got the most coins in each group)
- [OPTIONAL] If you have questions prepared for students to review what they learnt on the worksheet, use the last 5-10 mins for students to ‘cool down’
NOTE: Instead of having the questions written on the boardgame itself, you can make question cards for students to pick up after they roll the dice.
I did do this in the past, but it took longer for me to cut out and prepare question cards for every single group and it was a little annoying for me to carry to different schools.

Questions You Can Include:
- Word Translation – Student needs to say the word in Japanese/English.
- Sentence Translation – Student needs to say the sentence in Japanese/English.
- Picture Dictionary – Student must say what the picture is
- ABAB Dialogue – The student on the left is A and the student in play is B, they will read the dialogue together
- Q&A – The student on the left will ask the question to the student currently in play
- Name… – The student must name 2-3 things from a specified category (E.g. Name 3 fruits)
- Alphabet & Numbers - Place letters and numbers randomly on the board (Animals, colours, shapes, pretty much anything from the ES Picture Dictionary)

That's it! :)
Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Small files
  • [JHS][1ST][LT1+ETC] Boardgame Worksheet (pp. 45, 56, 62).pdf (245 KB)
  • [JHS][1ST][ST1] Boardgame (Mario Kart Ver.) (p. 56).pdf (487 KB)
  • [JHS][2ND][U2] Boardgame (Mario Kart Ver.) (If, When, Because).pdf (418 KB)
  • [JHS][2ND][U2] Boardgame Worksheet (Mario Kart Ver.).pdf (220 KB)
  • [JHS][1ST][ST1] Worksheet (Mario Kart Ver.) (p. 56).pdf (314 KB)
  • [JHS][1ST][U3P1] Boardgame (Mario Kart Ver.) (pp. 30-1).pdf (459 KB)
  • [JHS][1ST][U3P1] Mario Kart English Race (WS Ver.) (pp. 30-1).pdf (301 KB)
  • [JHS][1ST][LT2] Boardgame (Mario Kart Ver.) (p. 74) v2.pdf (605 KB)
  • [JHS][1ST][LT2] Boardgame Worksheet (Mario Kart Ver.) (p. 74) v2.pdf (392 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Boardgame Setup Example.jpg (1.45 MB)
  • Boardgame Worksheet Template (Mario Kart Ver.) (ALTOPEDIA Ver.).dotx (1.5 MB)
  • [JHS][1ST][LT1+ETC] Boardgame (pp. 45, 56, 62).pptx (3.31 MB)
  • [JHS][1ST][LT1+ETC] Boardgame Worksheet (pp. 45, 56, 62).docx (1.54 MB)
  • [JHS][1ST][ST1] Boardgame (Mario Kart Ver.) (p. 56).pptx (4.28 MB)
  • [JHS][2ND][U2] Boardgame Worksheet (Mario Kart Ver.).docx (1.48 MB)
  • [JHS][1ST][ST1] Worksheet (Mario Kart Ver.) (p. 56).docx (2.37 MB)
  • [JHS][1ST][U3P1] Boardgame (Mario Kart Ver.) (pp. 30-1).pptx (3.67 MB)
  • [JHS][1ST][U3P1] Mario Kart English Race (WS Ver.) (pp. 30-1).docx (1.76 MB)
  • [JHS][1ST][LT2] Boardgame (Mario Kart Ver.) (p. 74) v2.pptx (5.45 MB)
  • [JHS][1ST][LT2] Boardgame Worksheet (Mario Kart Ver.) (p. 74) v2.docx (1.9 MB)
  • [JHS][2ND][U2] Boardgame (Mario Kart Ver.) (If, When, Because).pptx (4.42 MB)
  • Boardgame Template (Mario Kart Ver.).pptx (4.41 MB)
  • Large files (requires a subscriber account) -
  • Mario Kart - English Race (Final Ver.).pptx (94.8 MB)
  • [JHS][1ST][ST1] Mario Kart - English Race (p. 56).pptx (95.7 MB)
  • [JHS][1ST][LT2] Mario Kart - English Race (p. 74).pptx (96.9 MB)
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    Submitted by unoplusunoistu August 25, 2023 Estimated time: 20-40 mins
    1. kiko yuan August 28, 2023

      thank you so much for keep making such great games!

    2. maddyabrown August 28, 2023

      Amazing! Can't wait to play it!

    3. Gaijingaiden August 28, 2023

      Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm unclear on how to rotate the text boxes on the template.

    4. unoplusunoistu August 30, 2023

      Hi! Unfortunately, I don't think there's a way to rotate the powerpoint slides. If you do find a way, please lmk!
      For the textboxes that are upside down, I just type it manually myself. It was difficult at first but I've gotten used to it.
      If it's easier for you, rotate all the upside down textboxes 180 degrees.

      The only reason why I made them upside down is because the students on the other side can also see it.

      If you want to keep the textboxes as is (upside down), what you can do is to write the questions on another document, copy it (CTRL C), and remove all the text in the textbox (CTRL A, delete) and paste the question you made (CTRL V). :)

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