Plural verb board game ~ He cooks / she swims etc

Easy board game for students to practice plural verb pronunciation.

This game is more for getting the students used to speaking - all my classes are pretty small and they don't like answering in front of the class, so this gives them the chance to practice in a small group.

I usually start by reviewing the plural verbs and make sure their pronunciation is correct. After that I split the class up into groups. I think it works best in groups of 4.

Each group gets a copy of the board game, a dice and then each student gets a game piece . For the game pieces, I give them short small strips of colored card and get them to fold it into a triangle so it stands upright and they can draw a face on it so they know which one is theirs.

I explain the rules as below and then let them get on with it. Each time I've played it its gone down well, and last time the JTE joined in too!

It would be really easy to change out the verbs or to change it do a be-sentence / get them to make a question etc. I also have the verbs listed on the top of the page as my students struggle with vocab and it helps them remember, but you could easily take this off!


  • Rock paper scissors to decide the order of who goes first.
  • Everyone starts on the green start space.
  • Roll the dice to see how many spaces you can move.
  • When you land on a verb you have to say the sentence (for example my version ~ He cooks / she cooks.)
  • Pronoun is decided by the dice roll.
  • If you land on a bomb go back to start.
  • Winner is the first person to the star.

I also usually remind them of the difference between forward and back on the blackboard by drawing out a bit of the game path and getting them to point in the direction of forward and back.

If theyre struggling to get past the bombs I will sometimes walk around and change the 'move back / forward' spaces to 'Free' with a pen.

Small files
  • U6-1 pg59 - what does he like~he likes ~.pdf (355 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • U6-1 pg59 - what does he like~he likes ~.docx (2.2 MB)
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    Submitted by holdonwaitohno September 27, 2023 Estimated time: 15 minutes - 30 minutes
    1. TheBlueStuff November 8, 2023

      The bomb is too strict. Changing it to 'skip a turn' penalty is better. And adding more pictures from will spice it up

    2. TheBlueStuff November 8, 2023

      Also, the go forward 2>go back 3>go to start loop is abit too strict, it creates a loop where most students are stuck and never get past. Worse because theres no skill requirement; its all based on pure chance rather than thier ability to overcome the challenge. Changing the placement of the forwrd>back>go2start can help

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