(Are you...?) Guessing Game

Guessing game done aloud, in pairs, for a variety of grade levels and grammar points

I use this activity all the time and modify its difficulty based on the grade level / grammar point

-I print out a bunch of these worksheets on the back of scrap paper (sorry SDGs) and then cut them in half. Depending on the class size I like to have around 50-100 half sheets

-Hand out one half-sheet to each student
-Each student chooses a character/season/day of the week (whatever you have in the left column)
-Play janken
-Loser has to say 2 true things about their character/season/day of the week using the target grammar point (for example: if you chose Pikachu in the "Can guessing game" you'd say "I can run fast and I can cook".)
-Winner guesses who the loser chose
-If correct, loser gives their paper to the winner. If incorrect, nothing happens and you move on to the next person
-At the end of the time limit, whoever has the most papers is the winner
-When you lose your papers, come to the ALT and ask for another one (I usually call it エリック銀行 and make them ask for a loan / 借金)

Round 2:
-I usually halt at the end of round 1, check who has the most papers, and give them a sticker
-For round 2, before you play janken, you can bet however many papers you want, winner-take-all
-I let them bet with me too since I always have a bunch as the bank

-Have the janken-winner ask a question: "What do you want to do?" and the loser answer "I want to OO and OO"
-Have the janken-loser say one thing they do (O) and one thing they don't do (X): "I want to OO. I don't want to OO"
-Have the winner ask "are you OO?" and the loser respond "Yes, I am / No, I'm not"

Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions in the comments. Hope this helps!

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