What's this Japanese culture?

3-hint what's this quiz!

3-hint quiz with a Japanese twist!
Do students really know about Japanese culture? Can you teach them a thing or two?

Let's ENJOY!

Ideally used as a warming up

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  • What's this JAPANESE CULTURE.pptx (21 MB)
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    Submitted by nachonaz December 22, 2020 Estimated time: 10-15 minutes
    1. JulieW July 13, 2023

      I did this as a fun warm up. The first 2 questions were the hardest for the students. I like how beautifully done the powerpoint is, with lots of pictures. My students are junior high 3rd graders and they seemed to enjoy it. (Quite the feat, as the 3rd graders are often so quiet and it's hard to get them to talk even!)

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