Pokemon Classroom Blast *Drive Link Below*

Classroom Blast with a Pokemon style, this review game is easy to edit and guaranteed to blow your students away with its art style, music, and effects.

The original Mario Classroom Blasts have been used for so long that they powerpoints are still in square format. Its 2022 and I know we can make our materials look better and play better. This is my attempt to take an awesome game design from the past and add some stylish touchest from today.

How it works:

Before you play: Fill in the questions to suit whatever your class needs. Feel free to edit any of the writing on the three front cards. Leave the Pokeball points and sounds where they are, but otherwise its up to you what questions go in

Start by dividing your players into 6 teams. Click the cards they choose to see what color team they are on. I like to start each team off with at least 10 points

To play, have the starting team (selected by you or by Janken) to choose a question. If they answer it correctly they get the points, if they don't its open to the other teams. Most points by the end wins!

To get back to the main page after each question, click the Pikachu at the bottom right of the screen

Large files (requires a subscriber account) -
  • Pokemon Classroom Blast.pptx (42 MB)
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    Submitted by Lucasmh January 11, 2022 Estimated time: 45-50min
    1. MrIssei January 11, 2022

      This is a great template~! Will def come in handy, thanks for all your hard work! Happy New Year!

    2. DCMegan February 21, 2022

      Hi @Lucasmh! Thank you for sharing your work. The school year is about to end and this past few days I have been receiving "thank you" messages from students. Most of the students said that my activities were so fun and well made and that they are always looking forward to it. I know they are referring to the ppt games that I got from you. I thought, I should atleast say thank you to you. The ppt you made were really helpful. Both teachers and students had so much fun.

    3. DCMegan February 21, 2022

      Some teachers were even asking for copies. Thank you so much! Good luck to your new journey! :)

    4. Lucasmh February 21, 2022

      It was my pleasure. I have had a few teachers asking me if they can keep my stuff when I am gone. Since I used so many copyrighted images and sounds I don't see why not. It was a great journey learning how to make these and I am very happy to hear that so many of your students enjoyed these games I made to kill time

    5. helloautumn35 March 10, 2022

      Your games are awesome! Thanks for making them =)

    6. USA_ALT463 December 1, 2022

      The popularity of this at my JHS exploded when I used it for mid-term review; every class in every grade now knows this game (some were even asking to do this for the next exam review)!
      I did have to tweak some things; I had to up the starting point total to 20 due to some students being sensitive about receiving an Electrode question when they only had ten points. I also made a 'memo sheet' for the students to write their answers/discuss with their team, and I have a timer for answering time.

    7. KobeALT July 13, 2023

      Is there any way you can take a moment to remove the sound effects so this can be reuploaded as a medium file? My kids love this game! My school computer gets wiped each summer too. Thank you!

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