Unit or Year Review

This activity is intended to review material covered over a unit or school year.

  • Paper Game! - Fun party game, minimal prep

    Adaptable party game, good for any class that can be divided into groups of 4 or 5

  • Let's try 2-U9-This is my day-Jeopardy

    This activity can help students review things they do in their routine while getting points.

  • Final Fantasy parody- Final Review

    A review game themed after Final Fantasy

  • 4nensei Super Mario Typhoon Review

    Review typhoon game for many grammar points in Elementary School English lessons - 3rd and 4th grade questions.

  • Common Mistakes Quiz Game and Written Quiz

    Year end Quiz for 3rd year JHS

  • Concentration Game / Matching Game - NHE6 Unit 8

    A game to help students memorize vocabulary and form a sentence. Target grammar point: I want to be a/an~

  • Roulette Game

    This is a flexible game to review lessons.

  • Minigame Collection

    Just some minigames I have been creating to add into review games.

  • Year Review Sugoroku (ES)

    A group of Sugoroku board games to review the year's content for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. Requires dice, and maybe counters (erasers work fine too)

  • ES 6th Gr Jinsei Game for the end of the Year

    It is for ES 6th graders. Many reviews from 3rd 4th 5th and 6th Gr levels.

  • Bingo/Bongo (JHS 1, 2 and 3年)

    Students take turns asking the ALT questions in order to get bingo/bongo

  • Unit 10 let's write a letter

    There are fake letters from celebrities and anime characters which the students can reply. They can write about their winter vacation or any school memories.

  • NC 1-60(?) Be動詞 silhouette quiz

    A 3-hint quiz using characters and real people to (primarily) practice be動詞

  • New Horizon 2, Unit 7 Kahoot Review

    a simple review of vocabularly, grammar, and lesson topics from this unit

  • Super grammar Relay - New Crown 2 Review.

    Super interactive grammar review activity for NC2. Students race to the back of the class, pick an incomplete sentence card, then race to the front to find the correct grammar card to complete it.

  • NC 3rd grade JHS review quiz

    Review quiz for 3rd grade covering 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade grammar

  • Pokémon Knowledge Quest 🔥🌿💧 (Ver. 2)

    I made a few changes to the original Palworld (jk) PPT by TTTK. I inserted 17 different iconic battle music for all battle slides, new specials, fixed some animations, etc.

  • I want to be a vet. Kahoot (Crown Jr 6: Lesson 6)

    This is a Kahoot to review the Crown Jr. 6: Lesson 6 I want to be a vet. Credit to HoriuchiSensei on Kahoot for providing a shorter version of this review that I used as a basis to create this one.

  • What's This? 3Hint Quiz Food edition (ES 3年生)

    A menu of possible food answers (most are previously taught in Let's Try Textbook ES 3年生 or common foods known by Japanese in their English name). Students give hints on Shape, Color, First Letter

  • Video Project for JHS/HS

    Work to get students to make a video based on review from the past year

  • Sunshine Our Projects

    Worksheets that go along with the Sunshine Textbook 'Our Projects' 1-9

  • 4年生 Year Review Treasure Hunt Game

    Students make teams and search for items using the vocab they've learned this year. A bomb is -3pts, coins are +2pts, treasure is +5pts and a thief is steal 3pts

  • Kahoot Second Year Unit 6 Review


  • Who is he/she? Silhouette quiz

    Character silhouette guessing game for ES to practice "Who is he/she?" and "He/she is ___."

  • Year-end or Graduation Board Game

    A year-end or graduation-themed board game for high schoolers to reflect on their school life.

  • Power On I Lesson 9 Blooket

    A blooket question set to review lesson 9.

  • Kahoot! New Horizon 3 - Let's Read 2 Review

    A kahoot specific to the New Horizon 3 Textbook that reviews P106-108 (Let's Read 2).

  • Let's Try 1: Unit 8 (What's this? Quiz)

    Powerpoint quiz for students to practice using the "What's this?" prompt.

  • Directions - Best Tablet App (ES Grades4-5)

    Go Straight, Turn Left, Turn Right... at the __rd corner, It's on your Left/Right, It's in front of you... It's on / in / under / by the ___

  • JHS 3rd Grade Year Review

    Students work in groups to answer review questions.

  • New Horizon 1 Phrase Hunt

    A three-part activity aimed towards the end of the year. Scanning through the stories in the textbook, paraphrasing, and BINGO.

  • ACNH Review + Fun PPT

    Use this PPT game as a Lesson Review or for a Trivia Fun activity with the students. Students will answer the question to receive cute villagers! Based on the Animal Crossing Nintendo Game.

  • 3rd Grade Review: Super Fantasy English Quest

    A cooperative class video game to review everything they've learned this year.

  • Here We Go 6: Unit 5- I want/like/want/have/play

    Uno style card game for unit 5. It uses "I want" "I like" "I have" and "I can play/I play" grammar points.

  • New Horizon 3 Picture Hunt

    An end-of-year (or anytime after Unit 6) review activity for JHS3 Students. A picture hunt (using the NH3 textbook) followed by speaking activity.

  • Adjective Karuta 2nd Year New Horizon Specific

    72 karuta image cards for adjectives in the New Horizon 2nd year textbook, p. 156-157

  • Find Your Partner (JHS 3rd Grade Review Activity)

    Game where each student has a Question or an Answer sentence (using grammar lessons)。Find your partner to complete the dialogue.

  • Presents Catch

    A game for second semester review lessons around Christmas

  • World Tour (I want to.../Do you want to...?)

    Intended to be a [I want to/Do you want to...?] review for my special needs JHS students. This could be used for 5th grade NEW HORIZONS Unit6 review as well.

  • JHS 2年生 (2nd year) 2nd Term Review Jeopardy

    A Jeopardy activity that reviews various grammar points from New Horizon 2. Great for an end of term review.

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