Unit or Year Review

This activity is intended to review material covered over a unit or school year.

  • One Piece Review Game

    A One Piece version of Lucasmh's fantastic Pokemon Classroom Blast.

  • Kahoot! Year-end Review Game for 1年生

    This is an interactive game using students' tablet/iPads via Kahoot!. Please feel free to play it. This game could be played by maximum of 40 students.

  • Suzume No Tojimari Point Game Template

    Let's be like Suzume and start locking up! Answer the question, choose a door, get points, or better yet, get the BONUS ROUND!

  • 6th Grade New Horizon Jeopardy

    End-of-term Jeopardy review

  • Typhoon - Let's Try 2 Yearly Review

    A powerpoint version of the classic Typhoon game for Let's Try 2.

  • Battle for Niigata!

    Like UonumaRobert's famous Battle for Japan, but with Niigata prefecture instead of the whole country

  • End of year review Kahoots for NH1 & 2

    2 Kahoot quizzes used for end of year review class warm ups.

  • Sushi Scramble Review Game

    A game to review textbook content, with a theme of a kaitenzushi restaurant. There's a blank template alongside some completed yearly review versions.

  • Doraemon Review Quiz

    18 Question review quiz with Doraemon characters. Behind each door is a character or gadget. The goal is to find Nobita and friends.

  • Zodiac Animals Word Search

    A quick word search based on the final chapter of Let's Try 1!

  • JHS 1st, 2nd, 3rd Final Review

    Kahoot review at the end of the school year.

  • JHS 1st Years Review Kahoot

    10 question Kahoot that reviews many topics from Sunshine 1's textbook

  • Letter to Your Future Self

    First and second grade JHS students write a letter to themselves one year in the future using grammar they learned throughout the year.

  • Elementary Grade 6th Revision Quiz Game

    Elementary Grade 6th Revision Year Ending Quiz Game

  • Deal or no Deal - Quiz Game

    A flexible quiz show style presentation that allows students to practice and review anything you like.

  • 6th Grader Final activity (Kahoot)

    This kahoot activity/quiz contains 20 questions.

  • Year End Review- ES 1st Grade

    Year End review for 1st grade Elementary School .

  • Let's Try 1 - Kahoot! (year-end review)

    End the school year with a fun tablet game.

  • Many Elementary School Crosswords

    Need a vocabulary worksheet right now? Want something to hand students when you have extra time? Give them a crossword!

  • ES 5th Year Review Jeopardy

    A Jeopardy style review game with questions that reflect the content from New Horizon Elementary 5.

  • Who is your hero? Sky Brown PPT

    It's a PPT about Olympic skateboarder Sky Brown. It's based off the Unit 8 "Who is your hero?" Over the Horizon page in the New Horizons ES grade 5 textbook.

  • Mario Mystery Box Review Quiz G3/G4 ES

    Mario themed mystery box end of year review quiz for grade 3 or 4 ES.

  • Review 5th grade by a board game

    Let your 5th graders enjoy this game and practice language they were exposed to during the year.

  • This is my day QUIZ

    Quiz game to go along with Let's Try 1 Unit 9.

  • Let's Try 3rd grade END OF YEAR JEOPRADY

    I made this game to review the year in an exciting and fun way. There is a lot of Japanese but I thought it would help the third graders to understand and for questions to move quickly.

  • Springtime Classroom Blast

    End of year review with a spring/Easter theme.

  • What's Missing? All Animals Love Soccer!

    A "What's Missing?" PowerPoint I like to use to review animals!

  • Creative Writing Instagram Template

    I used this template for Stage Activity 3 in New Horizon 2 pg.118, where they had to make an Instagram post about their favorite place in town.

  • Super Typhoon Game (PPT)

    A Nintendo-ified spin on the popular ESL game, Typhoon.

  • Treasure Hunt

    A One Piece themed coded PPT review game for teams.

  • Next Please!

    This an activity similar to GO Fish but instead with English questions. Activity objective is to learn questions indicators ( 5 W’s, How, Are, Can, Do ).

  • The Price is Right

    Team competition game about guessing the closest price of an item in a Japanese fast-food restaurant.

  • Conversation Test - Assessment Card Template

    Template for teacher- and self-assessment in conversation tests.

  • Typhoon - Let's Try 1 Yearly Review

    A powerpoint version of the classic Typhoon game for Let's Try 1.

  • New Horizon 3 Year Review Jeopardy!

    Jeopardy style PowerPoint with questions based off the key sentences in the JHS New Horizon 3 Textbook.

  • Ultimate 5th Grade Review

    Play this Kahoot with your 5th graders to review the year's units!

  • Kahoot! Review quiz for grades 1 - 3

    This quiz covers many grammar points from New Horizon 1 -3 textbooks. There's a worksheet too.

  • Translation Challenges - Unit Review Sentences

    20 Japanese-English sentences covering each unit of the New Horizon junior high school textbooks and some full textbook review questions.

  • Lets Try 1 All Units Pokemon Review

    Simple questions that should be fun. Template from Tay's Teaching Toolkit

  • Who are you? Bingo Game

    Students fill in their bingo card using other students answers to the question "Who are you?", with the answer being "I'm a ~."

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