Haunted Links

Much like the classical Link Rink game, but with a Halloween theme.

Note: I have a really hard time explaining the instructions to the kids(I know, what kind of teacher am I), so I can not really explain to you how to instruct the kids but I can tell you how the game works and some tips I learnt as I continue to use this game. I hid the second slide if you want to put better, simpler instructions for the kids.

Also, this practices NO grammar. It's more like an easy game to get loud and rowdy kids focused on listening(I hope). You could proably substitue link rink with other vocabulary words that rhyme, like 14 and 40; 15 and 50; etc...

Tip #1 - Write Link and Rink on the board, and say each word seperately, slowly- so the kids have an understanding that yes there is a difference but it will not be easy to tell them apart.

Tip #2 - I am a wee bit forgetful, so I have the chain written prior so for ex...
Link, rink, link, rink, link, rink = V
Link, link, rink, rink, rink, link = O
Link, rink, rink, link, rink, link = dog
And so on...

Beforehand, I would suggest to print out the Link Rink tree so they have something to reference or draw on while you say the chain. In my case, my school uses loilonote, so if your students use tablets you can just send them a screenshot of the tree. It is the same tree, but I would rather they have a "clean" version to look at rather than one that is hindered with images and colors.


  1. I place the students in groups of 2 typically, so they can discuss with one another. (But if it's a smaller class, I think they can manage to do it individually.)

2.The teacher will say link or rink a total of 6 times starting from Link, this is what I'll later refer to as a chain.

  1. Students have to listen carefully and follow the teacher.

  2. After, I like to repeat the chain 2 more times. (In total, I do the 6 link/rinks 3 times, slowly. If they ask for one more, I do it at a normal speed.)

  3. At the bottom of the tree, they select one of the many options.

  4. Teacher will ask each team what is their answer at the end.
    *At this point, you can actually have them practice for example, "It's Dog"(But that may be a bit of a reach...hahaaa)

  5. I then go back to the powerpoint and let the pacman ghost do his work. Voila!

  6. If they get it right, they get one point. (I let them track their own points.)

End notes:
I realized that 6 rounds took longer than I expected for my JHS 1st years(About 25min?), so would reccommend adjusting it or adding a link that skips to the end. As for my 2nd years, they were totally acing it so I could say the chains pretty quickly and finished after 15 min..

I used canva for all of the templates.
The sound fx for the pacman ghosts came from this website -

Below, I've attatched the powerpoint and a pdf file of the link tree

Happy Halloween!

Small files
  • Ss Link Rink Tree.pdf (28.3 KB)
  • LinkRink.docx (336 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Haunted Links.pptx (31.8 MB)
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    Submitted by hotokeki October 13, 2022 Estimated time: 15min.
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    2. MinamiCat October 27, 2022

      Perfect for my JHS3 class! They loved it and some even said it was too easy! Took about 10 minutes in each class for all the rounds and I practiced R/Link before hand. JHS2 took about 15 minutes but they loved it too! My JTE loved it as well!

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