Students speak in the activity.

  • What do you see? Picture Quiz!

    New Horizon Year 1 There is/ Is there..? activity. Brief PowerPoint introduction, and writing worksheet with a quiz game.

  • Elementary Year 3 Minecraft Board Game

    A simple minecraft board game using the language from the textbooks

  • Animal Crossing "What's This?"

    3 hint quiz game to reveal animal crossing villagers. For 小3年生!

  • New Horizon 5 U8 Review (Sentence Auction)

    Please feel free to use this to review the target sentences of New Horizon's U8. Teams bid to win the artworks with sentences with the hope of getting points.

  • What's (Who's) this?

    Silhouette guessing game

  • What do you want to be? I want to be...

    Warm-up and jobs vocabulary and sentence practice.

  • Who is your hero? New Horizon 5 Unit 8

    Boardgame for 5th grade students.

  • Silent Hills: Haunted House Adventure

    A super spooky point and click adventure game where students find 3 clues to help them beat the final boss - the Eiken test!

  • Adjectives and Copula Verb (Looks)

    Revision and introduction of basic adjectives and use of 'looks' when describing people/things. Based on unit 8-3 from the Here We Go! 1 textbook.

  • Super Mario Final Review

    Give your students a final review they won't forget. Have them answer questions based on the entire book then choose point blocks that could end in glory or tragedy at random

  • Cities Around the World

    I used this lesson in my Special Needs class after the countries' lesson.

  • Let's Try 2: My favorite place is the...

    A presentation for Let's Try 2 that can be used to review the direction words and places in the school. You can use also use this to introduce the target sentence of the unit.

  • What food is it?

    A simple guessing game


    New Horizon 3, Unit 2, Present Perfect, Practice Game

  • Restaurant Practice

    This is an activity made for first-year junior high students (but could be used for elementary students as well) to practice restaurant ordering. It corresponds to New Horizons 1 page 116.

  • New Horizon 2 Review

    This is an activity inspired by the magic quiz that covers the grammar points in New Horizon 2.

  • 𝑫𝒊𝒔𝒏𝒆𝒚 𝑪𝒓𝒐𝒔𝒔𝒚 𝑹𝒐𝒂𝒅

    New Horizon 1 (2021), Unit 8-11 Review Game

  • NH3 Yearly Review Typhoon

    Questions to use in the Typhoon Game to review New Horizon 3.

  • Present Perfect Punishment Party

    Students ask each other questions about what they've done, and if they get it wrong, they must be punished!

  • Where is Naruto? (clubs and teams)

    Look for naruto through the different clubs and teams while you practice the phrose "I want to join the _________.

  • Have you ever done these things?


  • High School Entrance Exam Review

    Inspired by the magic quiz, this uses various practice test questions from high school entrance exams. However, other questions could be entered with the same format.

  • Speaking Challenge - Grade Six

    This is a speaking drill in preparation for the end of the semester Speaking Challenge. This can be done once a week or twice a month as a warm-up activity.

  • Speaking Challenge - Grade Five

    This is a speaking drill in preparation for the end of the semester Speaking Challenge. This can be done once a week or twice a month as a warm up activity.

  • What event do you like?

    Writing activity for New Horizons Elementary 1 Unit 7

  • LT2-9 This is My Day Clock

    Students draw their schedule and connect to a 24-hr clock in the centre

  • Classroom Map

    Just a simple map you can use for directions using classroom names

  • Choose your Pokemon Warm-up Game

    Have the class answer questions correctly to choose their starting Pokemon and practice past and current topics before the class gets rolling

  • Were you collecting cards?

    Card collecting activity based on grammar point 'Was/Were/Yes, I was/No, I wasn't' and past tense verbs.

  • I Was Eating Ice Cream in the Library

    A conversation activity where student try to guess which person their partner is using basic 'I was' statements.

  • 4 pics 1 word (Jobs and Professions)

    This is from the mobile application, 4 pics 1 word. This is for the students to practice the vocabularies from lesson 10 of Junior Sunshine 6.

  • Let's Try! 2 ~U7 Review Questions

    Reviewing at the end of Unit 7? Here are some questions you can ask the students during review.

  • Aussie Animal BINGO

    A short warm up/cool down game of bingo using Australian animals.

  • Did You Play BINGO?

    Classroom BINGO game to practice the question 'Did you _______?' and past tense verbs.

  • Do You Know How to Play BINGO?

    A classroom bingo game that practices the question 'Do you know?'

  • It was fun (Was/Were)

    A conversation game that practices using was/were and different simple adjectives.

  • Scott Pilgrim Club Rumble

    Help Scott join a club by smashing stuff for points in this versus game to practice your "I want to______" sentences

  • Test Your Strength!

    Roll up! Roll up! For a 10 question quiz with and test your strength!

  • 'Which' Fortune Telling!

    Speaking Acitivity Using 'which'

  • What do you want? 4th Grade

    A powerpoint presentation that demonstrates the target language in Unit 7

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