Students speak in the activity.

  • Will you...? Janken Race

    Students practice using the target grammar "Will you...?"

  • She is the girl who is... New Horizon 2, pg 85

    Pair activity where students practice the grammar point "He/She/Yuki is the girl who is riding a bike." It can be used with New Horizon 2, but could also be a stand alone activity.

  • Tom will eat sushi.

    A pair activity where students practice future (will) sentences

  • New Horizon 2, page 78 "Which bus goes to...?"

    A pair activity that allows students to practice giving directions in a real world situation.

  • I'm looking for the... New Horizons 1, page 100

    A pair activity that allows students to practice speaking to their partners in a real world situation.

  • Passive - Guess the food

    Students practice the passive verb form by quizzing each other about food.

  • If points

    Students practice "if" by coming up with conditions and rolling dice to earn or lose points.

  • I know a person who likes...

    Students practice relative pronouns by guessing which classmate their partner is talking about.

  • Passive Guessing

    Students practice the passive verb form by playing an information gap guessing game.

  • The Least Popular Things

    Students practice "too" by talking about things they dislike.

  • Unusual Interview Questions

    Students ask each other unusual questions to spur conversation. Aimed at adult students.

  • I went there to ...

    Students practice infinitive verbs by explaining why they went to different places.

  • Useful Japanese words

    Students practice passive grammar by thinking of words that they want to teach to people learning Japanese.

  • What will you take on vacation?

    Students practice the grammar pattern "want to" by choosing what they'll bring with them on a vacation.

  • Which Hoshi

    Hoshi means want in Japanese. This is a relay game that has students asking and answering the question, "Which do you want, A or B?"

  • I call it...

    Students practice the verb "call" by telling each other about the nicknames they use.

  • May I give you a bomb?

    Students practice request sentences by trying to pass off a ticking time bomb.

  • Guess the teacher

    Students practice relative pronouns by writing hints about teachers at their school.

  • What will you give your family for Christmas?

    Students practice the grammar for "give" by thinking of what Christmas presents they would give to family members.

  • I'm thankful for...

    Students explain why they're thankful for someone or something in their lives.

  • Comparative Class Survey

    Students practice comparatives by asking their classmates to choose between two things.

  • Teacher birthday presents

    Students think about what they would give teachers for their birthday.

  • Kings and Queens

    Students practice imperative form by giving orders to their classmates.

  • Hidden Treasure

    Students practice a new grammar pattern by playing this Battleship-style game.

  • Karuta Collection

    A collection of 12 word files with different Karuta cards.

  • Flashcards Collection

    16 word files separated by categories with many flashcards ready to be printed.

  • Whose classroom item is this?

    Students practice "whose" by mixing up their classroom possessions and trying to find the original owner.

  • Halloween Jeopardy

    Jeopardy game to help your students learn about the ancient Halloween mysteries.

  • When and where do you ...?

    In this worksheet, students practice "when" and "where" by asking about each other's routines.

  • Does/Doesn't Guess-who quiz

    Students guess the identity of other students using "does" questions.

  • What's wrong? I have a headache.

    A fairly straightforward worksheet to be used in conjunction with Hew Horizon 1, pg 64.

  • What were you doing at ___ last night?

    Students ask each other about what they were doing last night to practice past continuous grammar.

  • Tragedy of War: The Life of Sadako Sasaki

    A PPT to introduce the unit about WW2 and Sadako Sasaki ( NEW CROWN 3).

  • Dolphin Tale

    A questionnaire about the film Dolphin Tale (New Crow 3 and New Horizon 2)

  • How Many Cats

    Students are race to drawn the nouns given by teachers.

  • Do you know him/her? Peanuts

    Students learn about the characters in Peanuts and practice pronouns.

  • Could you tell me how to get to Shinjuku?

    Giving direction at a train station. To be used with New Horizon 3, pg 68 (or a similar dialogue)

  • Would you like to... New Horizon 3, pg 44

    An activity that goes with "Would you like to..." in New Horizon, page 44.

  • Plural nouns. e.g. I have four pens.

    An activity that practices "How many notebooks do you have?" "I have three notebooks."

  • Karuta

    A game in which the teacher says a word or phrase and students race to slap the correct card.

  • Top 5 activities

  • Trick or Treat Quiz Game

    A jeopardy / typhoon style quiz game with a Halloween twist!

  • Prepositions with Mewo

    An activity practicing the use of by, on, in, in front of, behind, and under

  • Zombie Game

    A no prep speaking activity in which students play janken, try to avoid becoming a zombie, and have a great time.

  • Zelda Treasure Quest + Christmas Edition (Typhoon)

    This is a PowerPoint typhoon game taking from Keith's style of the typhoon review game where you ask the question first from a sheet, then the student chooses a place on the board.

  • Which Present Do You Want?

    Santa gives out some presents to the students! Let them choose a colored present and reveal what's inside.

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